With all the planning and preparation that goes into a marketing event, it’s no wonder we worry about how successful it’s going to be. While you may host a marketing event for a number of reasons, the biggest one is, of course, to market your brand or the launch of a new product. Make use of these simple tips below, however, and it should be a lot easier to find the right kind and make the most of it before the big day.

Here is a handful of things you need to keep in mind to make it as successful as possible – and to ensure that people actually show up for it.

First: Promote the marketing event

Let’s take care of the most important part first; if nobody knows about the event, nobody will show up for it either. Social media is your best friend in this department and you’d want to come up with a great social media strategy well in advance of the actual day. Reach out to your audience via other channels as well, by the way, and make sure that you’re using all of the platforms to communicate.

Send out a newsletter, promote it with regular posts on social media, and create a good hashtag to represent your brand and the event. The hashtag will work as a tracker so that everyone can follow the progress and find it with just a quick Google search. You should take another look at your website too and ensure that the details are clearly visible and that it’s possible to access it quickly via mobile devices as well.

There is a lot to keep in mind, in other words, but without all of this taken care of, you simply won’t attract the kind of attention your business deserves.

Next: An offline or online marketing event?

An online event has a lot of the same aspects as a physical one, such as interaction with your staff and the promotion of a product or brand, but you should think about what you’re looking to get out of it before deciding on the best type.

While online events may be cheaper and easier to host, you won’t be able to connect with the audience in the same way – and it might be more focused on presentations and other educational aspects.

An offline event, however, needs to be equipped with a stand and different merchandise to show off your brand. This does cost a bit, but you’ll be able to spread the word in an entirely different way. Search around the web for discounts on refurbished printer ink so that you can print flyers and banners, get ahold of some pens with your brand on that you can hand out, and make sure you have some fun activities to keep your audience entertained.

Team up with some local influencers to spread the word and get the social media promotion rolling, by the way, and you should be able to pull it off in no time.



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