This page will list all products and services that I’ve used and/or recommended to you at some point. These are all great tools that will help you start and boost your business. I’ll list everything from blogging tools to budgeting/money saving options.

This list will continue to grow with time. I’m always learning so I’ll share my knowledge with you as I continue to grow what I know.

Disclosure: Some of the products and services recommended below contain affiliate links. Rest assured I won’t put anything on this page that I would not personally use or wouldn’t help you tremendously. Adding affiliate links is me simply maximizing my blog revenue, it would be stupid not to. 

Free Course

You can grab my entirely free blogging and traffic primer course. This goes over how I have built profitable blogs and driven entirely free traffic, one site gaining over 600,000 free, targeted visitors and counting. It’s totally free and will give you everything you need to get started building a blog, monetizing it and driving traffic!

Blogging Tools


Siteground: This is the hosting I personally use and it’s absolutely amazing. I’ve been with many other hosting companies and the support is always awful. Siteground has 24/7 chat support and they answer right away, and answer all support tickets within 15 minutes. So far they are a pleasure to work with and host all my sites with them. They have very low-cost starter plans and much more robust plans depending on how big you want to go.

WordPress Themes

Flatsome Theme: This is the theme I am currently using for this blog. It looks amazing and it has a lot of adaptability and responsiveness depending on what I need from the theme. This theme works great whether it is for your blog, online store, or business website. It will be easy to manage, and it offers an incredible user experience. Flatsome theme is made perfect especially for those using their website to sell merchandise and dropshipping.

Smart Theme by OptimizePress: This is an awesome theme that I personally use for other blogs that I launch or manage. It has a great design and you can easily make it look like your own. This theme looks sleek and modern. The interface is easy to use and you get a professional looking website without being or needing a designer. Other than that, the user experience when using Smart Theme exceeds by far the average WordPress themes.

Page Builders

Optimize Press Plugin: This is probably the only page builder that has a membership portal included. That is very important for your future clients. It also works best for those trying to build a landing page for lead generation or making direct sales. The plugin is quite responsive and highly-secured so you won’t have to worry about security issues. There are many ready templates to use, you just need to make the slight changes to fit your brand.

Compliance Iubenda: When you are launching your blog, you need to make sure it is compliant with all the laws that apply to your business. Using Compliance Iubenda, you will check the status of your blog and add the necessary pages to make it legally compliant. You can generate a privacy page in a few clicks and make it customed for your own blogging needs and goals.

Hiring Freelancers:

Fiverr: Anything from cheap logos at $5 to grand project work for unbeatable prices, Fiverr has it all covered. You can find literally someone willing to do almost any job you need for really affordable prices. If you need a content writer or a graphic designer, I would suggest you first check on Fiverr first. Usually, you will find an awesome freelancer you can work with on a long-term basis.

Upwork: This is a place where a lot of freelancers from every industry look for their next client or project. You can post a job offer and a description for the main task and wait for freelancers to apply to get this done for you. Upwork allows you to filter through the applicants and choose the best freelancer for the job.

AWeber: This is a service that lets you collect emails, send automatic follow-up series to them, as well as send newsletters whenever you want. I’ve been using them for years and am very happy with them and their service. This is the easiest way to collect emails, build your brand and ultimately profit. They have a 30 day trial period going so if you sign up today you get your first 30 days free. You can try it out and see if you like it.

Social Media Management / Traffic

Tailwind: It is an amazing software you can use for both your Instagram and Pinterest accounts, which will help you automate the steps necessary to get content on both platforms. This will help you drive traffic, build your brand online and build authority in your niche. I am currently using Tailwind for my Pinterest account and it is great.

E-Com Store Tools

Shopify: Shopify lets you set up your very own online store. So, this will be a storefront that anyone can go to and buy stuff from you. If you don’t have anything to sell, no worries. You can do drop shipping, which I talk about in my blog post HERE. Essentially, it allows you to ship other people’s stuff and get paid as a retailer/middleman, whichever you prefer to call it. You get a free trial for 14 days when you sign up.

Money Saving And Budgeting Options

Save Money While Shopping

Top Cash Back: This site allows you to get online rebates when you shop at different locations. Save cash at your favorite shopping locations like eBay, Walmart, Amazon, Macy’s, Lowes, Target, KMart, Groupon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and many more. Once you sign up, just click to go to one of these stores from inside, and you’ll start to earn additional cash back as you shop.