The simple truth is: webinars are easily the most effective way to make sales. It gives the potential customer everything they need to fully understand a product and get excited about it…so lots of money follows.

Up until now, most webinar software had many downfalls. Expensive monthly fees, limits on how many can attend, and worst of all, you need to be present for the webinar, and you need to have your own product to sell.

Leave it to Brett Rutecky and Mike from Maine to come up with the solution that somehow solves ALL those problems. It’s called Autonars, and it lets you run unlimited webinars on autopilot…inlcuding done for you webinars/products. Wow. Here’s a video where I dive in:

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Autonars Software

Autonars is brand new webinar software with some massive advantages over other webinar platforms:

  • You pay once and have it forever (no monthly fees)
  • You don’t need to be present for the webinar (auto-run webinars)
  • There is no limit to how many attendees you can have
  • It works on all browsers and all mobile devices
  • Comes with 2 fully done for you products/webinars you can sell ready for profits

No other webinar platform has existed like this, let alone for a one time fee. I’m excited about this, I’m sure you can see the value here.

OTO 1: Autonars Pro 

Autonars Pro upgrades you to include 4 more done for you webinars, and 100% commissions on all the products in the done for you webinars. More webinars, more commissions, more money, plain and simpe.

OTO 2: 4 Week Live Training

This includes 4 Weeks of live coaching on how to get traffic and make money with Brett and Mike. If you want affordable hand holding that will have you happy with your results, this is for you.

OTO 3: Agency Access 

This allows you reseller rights to sell Autonars as your own product with everything done for you (hosting, sales page, even updates and support).. A unique innovative product like this = easy money for you without needing to spend $10,000+ and months of your time getting it developed.

The Verdict

Autonars is truly like nothing I have seen before. In my opinion, you’d be nuts to not pick this up considering it’s a one time fee and you have it forever…other webinar software cost $100 per month and don’t even have all these features. It’s worth it for this alone, but the done for you webinars is another amazing addition.

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I’m inlcuding all of the following bonuses when you grab Autonars through my link:

Bonus #1: Bounce Baby Resell Rights: Get Brett’s famous bounce baby software, and also get the rights to resell it and keep 100% of the profits!

Bonus #2: Instant Video Site Resell Rights: Get the rights to resell Instant Video Site software and keep 100% of the profits for yourself!

Bonus #3: Mobile Optimize Pro Resell Rights: Another resell right bonus for you! Another product you can call your very own and sell for 100% profits.

Bonus #4: Resell Rights to Brett’s “How I Make Money Online” course

Bonus #5: Click Bar Gold Edition Plugin: Instantly put a scarcity bar and buy button on any page on your site to dramatically increase conversions

Bonus #6: FB Pixel Insert Plugin: Quickly insert your FB retargeting pixel into every page / post on your site.

Bonus #7: Jack Jacker Gold Plugin: Put clickable links over any web site so you have instant monetized content easily.

Bonus #8: Support Chat Plugin: Instantly insert a support chat feature on any site.

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If you have any questions or comments, as always, I’m very happy to jump in and help. 🙂



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