ATTENTION: Coaches, Consultants, Service Providers and SaaS Companies stuck at 5k-10k months and unable to grow…

How My Students & I Are Turning $5-10K Months Into $18K+ Weeks With These Simple Sales Explosion Virtual Events…

monday september 12th - friday september 16

$47 Free (limited time)


The Sales Explosion Challenge!

Break Free from Stagnant Course, Coaching, Consulting & Service Sales With My "Webinar Ecosystem" Method...

Capture the maximum amount of "fast sales" fast (the explosion) - get up to 30 new high ticket clients!

Convert the maximum amount of prospects who “need more time” (the long tail) - and build a raving audience of fans that stick around buying from you for years

Build maximum trust, likability and authority in record time

Here’s What We’ll Be Covering In Each Day Of The Challenge:

day #1

Your Awakening

I’m going to show you the overview of what’s working in 2022 and how focusing on this strategy will position you above 95% of the competition and all your income to scale to new levels… leaving you feeling excited and empowered about the future with a blueprint that you can leverage in various forms to bring in new leads, and sales… that will explode your business both short term and long term.

day #2

Setting Your Irresistible Offer

If you’re already selling something, how positive are you that it’s set up for maximum revenue? Before we build our sales exploding virtual event, we’ll go over how to position your irresistible coaching or high ticket offer to a juicy price of $3,000-$15,000+

day #3

Select And Build Your First Virtual Event Webinar… Gear For Explosion

It’s time to select which virtual event webinar you want to start off with for your first big explosion into your business, and then build it! One of the best ways to attract clients is to show them that you know what you’re talking about, are an authority in your niche, and that they can trust you. (And that they can like you!) During this day, we go over how to build client attracting content that will bring you the fast cash, and also create raving fans who will follow you for years.

day #4

Fill Your Webinar Event… (And how to never worry about paid traffic again!)

It’s almost time for your big explosion… but first, we need to go over how to get people to show up. We’ll aim to get as many people as possible, especially if you’re on a budget… while also revealing the “paid ads secret” that once you get it, you’ll never worry about if you’ll profit on paid ads ever again!

day #5

The Big Explosion

It’s time for the big event! It’s time to go over how to put on an event that rocks your niche and gets maximum people lining up to join your high ticket product or service…while also getting the long tail audience… those who won’t buy right away, but will buy from you for years to come… becoming your biggest fans and building your biz for the long term.

monday september 12th - friday september 16

$47 Free (limited time)

From the desk of:

Stefan Ciancio

Cofounder, WebinarKit

Hi, I'm Stefan Ciancio!

I am the cofounder of WebinarKit, and a veteran online marketer.

I've been using webinars and virtual events to grow my online businesses for years.

They work, plain and simple... in 2022, the name of the game is transparency.

Those who know how to run virtual events and build trust will win.

So, I invite you to join me inside the Sales Explosion Challenge so you learn the blueprint to putting your business in the upper echelon and positioned to win for 2022 and beyond.

monday september 12th - friday september 16

$47 Free (limited time)

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