Set Up Four Figure Campaigns Using Free Traffic and THIS Tool… My Honest Review

Paid traffic can be a real downer, especially if you lose a ton of money. It’s risky, and time consuming to get it right. There’s all these tools out there to help make it easier and faster.

Imagine if there was a tool to make free traffic easy and fast. Finally, something like that exists…and people are using it to make 1000 bucks from no-cost traffic campaigns that take 5 minutes to set up.

Best of all? No money loss risk from paid traffic, software does most of the work for you, you don’t need a site, a list or ANY experience. Just a few minutes a day. I have seen it work with CPA, e-commerce and affiliate marketing amazingly, but you can send the traffic just about anywhere.

It’s all made possible with the new software Sinfiltrator, which becomes available March 10th at 9AM Eastern Time. I have a review video and sneak peek for you that goes into more detail:

>> Click Here After 9AM EST On Thursday March 10th To Secure A Limited Bonus Package + Get Sinfiltrator At A Discount <<


>> Click Here After 9AM EST On Thursday March 10th To Secure A Limited Bonus Package + Get Sinfiltrator At A Discount <<
Here’s a breakdown of the main software (Sinfintrator) and the OTO’s (one time offers) that will be available as options for you at time of purchase. I’ll tell you what they are and if I think they are worth it.


Sinfiltrator FE is a complete Training + Software package. The Software is an advanced jacking software that allows you to place YOUR call to action over the top of ANY other page on the intranet. So you can take Wikipedia, or Microsoft, or any other website and place your optin form, button, video, scarcity bar or clickable image on that website.

After you do that you can share a special encoded link in forums, FB groups, anywhere else you want. You will provide anyone who clicks that link with valuable information contained on that webpage (such as tips, articles, top 10 lists etc). And at the time which you specify, YOUR call to action will appear on that website. What does this mean? Well, to the visitor it will look like that call to action belongs to the destination website, however YOU will collect all clicks, optins, and commissions.

Also included is software tutorials, as well as the actual steps that the creators have followed to make well over $3,000 in just several minutes a day sharing links. The method is proven, with real verified results, and carefully documented step by step.

OTO 1: Sinfiltrator Pro

Sinfiltrator Pro will be an essential upgrade in addition to the awesome functionality of the FE offer:

  • Own Domain Option: ability to install and use Sinfiltrator on your own domain which will mean you will be able to paste your links in complete undercover way
  • Use on Unlimited Own Domains: install and use on as many own domains as you want
  • Sell the outputs of Sinfiltrator to others, meaning can set up the optins, popups and other calls to action, and charge whatever you want for them
  • Create free accounts for others

OTO2 is White Label Rights ($147):

  • Can sell as your own software
  • Complete marketing package, including all marketing materials
  • High converting Sales Page included
  • Can change software name

If you want to be an authority selling your OWN high quality software while building out an easy fast income stream (THEY did all the work having it developed to perfection) than this is an amazing opportunity.

>> Click Here After 9AM EST On Thursday March 10th To Secure A Limited Bonus Package + Get Sinfiltrator At A Discount <<


Finally, a bonus package whose value actually OVER delivers. If you don’t think it does after picking this up, I will literally buy you dinner. I’ve never offered anything this good, ever. I’m also limiting it to just 100 recipients. Here’s everything included:


  • Using Boosted Posts / PPE to send to Sinfiltrator Pages
    • What kinds of posts to make (meaning the content to base it all off of)
    • What to target
    • Budget & Determining when to cut or scale
    • Retargeting
    • Imagery & Ad Copy
  • Using Video Ads to send to Sinfiltrator Pages
    • How to pick a video
    • Where to send them
    • How to get the conversion
  • Using Twitter to send to Sinfiltrator Pages
    • Basically just leveraging hashtags
    • Not going to get a ton of traffic from it but it’s free
  • Using Forums
    • Same as above
  • Best practices for all Sinfiltrator options
    • Basically what type of display to use for each specific situation
  • A discussion on using the optin feature
    • This might get in depth and be advanced so maybe we put this as an OTO bonus.
  • Few more miscellaneous topics
    • Best types of subject matter to work with
    • Best types of offers
    • Send straight to offer or send to landing page
    • Probably two or three more things that I think of when I start recording but nothing major.


  • Dog Case Study 1
    • Sending to a top 10 list and using the footer bar
    • Moving the traffic to an email submit
    • I’ll explain
      • The post copy
      • The image
      • The footer bar copy
      • And why I directed them straight to the offer
      • I will also introduce the GEO Redirect here unless you think that’s something worth holding back for the OTO
    • Dog Case Study 2
      • Sending to a buzzfeed article and using the image pop up option
      • Moving the traffic to a sales page
      • I’ll explain:
        • The post copy
        • The image from the post
        • The reason why I used the type of image I did for the pop up
        • Why I sent them to the offer I sent them to.
      • Survival Niche Case Study
        • Sending to a bug out bag article and using the optin option
        • Moving traffic from optin to thank you page with a sales message
        • I’ll explain:
          • The ad (image, copy, targeting)
          • Reason behind the optin choice
          • Why I decided to opt them in
          • Why I decided to send them to a TY Page instead of sales page
          • A brief discussion about the emails (I want to save email stuff for an OTO)

>> Click Here After 9AM EST On Thursday March 10th To Secure A Limited Bonus Package + Get Sinfiltrator At A Discount <<


Do you have any questions or comments? Comment below or email me, and I will be happy to help you out 🙂

>> Click Here After 9AM EST On Thursday March 10th To Secure A Limited Bonus Package + Get Sinfiltrator At A Discount <<



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