The growth of social media has been the greatest phenomenon of the 21st century, and has completely transformed modern life as we know it. However, it’s not all about catching up with old school friends and satisfying your narcissism by fishing for likes. Far more crucially, the world of social media offers fantastic opportunities for your business to thrive. But only if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Perfect your social media game, and the entire business will flourish. Here’s how.

#1. Be Active On Multiple Platforms

Most people are aware of Facebook with nearly 1.5 billion using it on a daily basis. Just because you don’t see the point of other platforms, you need to accept that your audience loves them. As such, mastering Instagram and Snapchat should be considered just as crucial as an active Facebook presence. Besides, if you hit clients from all angles, you’ll have a far better shot at sustained success. Link those accounts together, and it won’t consume much time either.

#2. Be More Visual

Social media isn’t the same as your website, and users want an easy experience. Therefore, making content visual has a far greater impact than pages worth of text. First and foremost, make your products attractive by using online label printing to get the packaging right. Then learn how to take beautiful photographs and create impressive videos for maximized returns. Grabbing their attention right away is essential. Failure to do it will see you fall at the first hurdle.

#3. Encourage Interaction

Many businesses make the mistake of restricting users to a fairly passive relationship with the company’s social media posts. Regular participation ensures that the brand becomes more memorable. This could mean encouraging them to have their say via polls and questionnaires. Alternatively, you may run competitions including ones where they’ll need to upload video clips of their own. Either way, that interaction is crucial as you look to direct them towards a sale.

#4. Go Viral

A positive impression with the individual user is one thing, but ensuring that the word spreads is the true key to success. Blog posts that boast the share factor are particularly useful, especially as the blog itself will be a link to your website. Meanwhile, videos that are engaging and funny are likely to see people tag their friends and family. This sees the audience grow in an organic manner while you won’t even need to put in any extra effort yourself. Perfect.

#5. Give Them A Reason To Follow

Even fans of the brand will only follow your social media pages when there is a genuine incentive. Exclusive content and fun items such as personalized Snapchat filters are a good starting point. The best solution, though, is to run special promotions and discounts for social media followers. A 10% discount, for example, generates enthusiasm for the brand. Better still, this idea should directly influence your sales figures. If that doesn’t spell success, what will?




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