The internet is fast becoming a crowded place. Almost every business has a website, which means finding new ways to make your site stand out, as well as creating internet presence elsewhere. Here are just a few ways to make your company stand out online.

Improve your search engine rankings

Most people finding your company online for the first time will be doing so through a search engine such as Google. Investing in SEO (search engine optimisation) can help to boost the rankings of your website when certain keywords are entered. This could help you to appear nearer the top and not end up lost on page 20. There are other ways to make your website stand out on search engines such as using ad extensions and altering the meta tag (the small description underneath your search engine listing).

Make your website unique

There’s no use having good rankings if your website itself is dull and generic. Many people search through multiple company websites before choosing one to go with. Create a lasting impression with your website by making it different to the rest in some way. WordPress-based websites can often run the risk of looking generic – whilst you can spice them up with plug-ins, some people may prefer to seek out customer web design from a professional company. Think about the content that you can use to make your website stand out such as advertising deals and products that other similar companies don’t offer.

Shout about your achievements

You can also stand out from your competitors online by shouting about your business achievements. This could allow you to come across more credible. Consider awards and of governing body memberships that you may have obtained and detail information about these on your website. If you haven’t got these achievements, you can still offer case studies on your website of previous clients you’ve worked for and projects that you’ve taken on. Don’t forget to talk about yourself and your rise to success as this can be inspiring and can help gain trust.

Gain third-party support

Support from other people online can also help you to stand out by making you more trustworthy. Testimonials and positive customers reviews are the best form of support to encourage customer trust – urge any happy clients that you’ve worked with previously to leave a review or complete a customer satisfaction form. You can also gain endorsement from other companies – they could link to your site on their company webpage or promote you on social media. A strong social media following can also give evidence that you have support, so make sure you invite everyone you know to follow you on social media.

Be creative on social media

When it comes to social networks, your content needs to be fun and engaging. Posting generic information about your business won’t attract any new visitors, so try to think outside the box. Experiment with humour, upload photographs and videos, conduct polls and host competitions – all of this can make your posts more engaging.




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