If you’re a solo entrepreneur, just starting off on your own then there’s such a lot to think about. You’ve got to get everything in place and get organized, so you’re going to need a checklist, which is where we come in.

Searching through blogs and top advice from experts, we bring you the definitive guide to what you need to think about when starting up for the first time.


Boring, yes. Practical, yes but oh so important. Get this in place before you make your first sale. Get yourself registered for tax, whether you do this under your own name or a trading name, do some research and figure out what works best for you. Nowadays this can mainly be done online but if you need advice there should be official numbers to call for someone to speak to in person.

Don’t get caught out with a hefty tax bill at the end of the year, you can start putting aside a little with every sale in preparation for the financial reckoning.


A staple for home workers is a website for your business. Maybe you have one up and running already that you built yourself. With so many self-build platforms, producing something that looks pretty amazing can be done fairly easily.

But how do you know it will cope with any increase in trade? Is it as robust as it needs to be under pressure from increased traffic?
If you have no idea about coding or apps like the TeaCode app it might be worth calling in an expert to case a professional eye over your efforts to make sure it really is business-proof.


Another one that might fall under the heading of a specialization but, like a website, needs to be considered carefully and professionally. Whether you are offering goods or a service you need to sell your products.

The key to good marketing is knowing who your audience is. You’ll need to carry out some extensive research into this area to figure out both who your potential customer base is but also how to reach them which brings us to:

Social media

The days of this being just a fun way to while away a few hours are gone. You’ll need to consider how your brand can make a significant impact on social media networks and how you’ll talk to your readership.

Your marketing strategy will help inform you which networks to spend most of your time on and what you should be offering.

Running your own business is not just about offering a showcase for your skills, you need to effectively be an expert in all manner of new areas. If you can delegate do so, if you can’t carry out as much research as you can now and start putting in to place some techniques that will see your business really take off and grow. Be the entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be and see where great planning can take you.



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