One of the major aspects of business is making an impression. If you are highly professional in your meetings and ooze charisma, you will find that it is very easy to wow your clients and seal even more deals. And you know what makes a super impression, right? An amazing business suit, that’s what!

In fact, as a businessman, you want to make sure that people always take you seriously. And they will always take you seriously if you are dressed well, in a suit that oozes professionalism and power. Don’t worry if you aren’t that into fashion; it will still be possible to dress for success. You just need to follow these rules of power dressing.

Go For The Tailored Version

Whenever you are in the market for a new suit, it’s always best to visit your local tailor. He or she will be able to make you a bespoke suit that matches your body’s measurements exactly. You won’t have to put up with a mass-produced suit that might look slightly small or large in places. The tailored suit will look perfect in every way, and will also be made out of some very high-quality materials.

Never Forget Your Tie

Some people think that it is quite alright to go without a tie these days, but that is simply not the case. In fact, the tie is possibly the most important part of the whole outfit as it will bring everything together and add an air of sophistication. If you want to wear something a little different, it could be worth looking at custom ties to ensure you stand out from the crowd. If you want to look even more sophisticated, you could always replace your tie with a bowtie or a cravat.

Add A Timepiece

Don’t forget to wear a wristwatch either. Not only will this help with your general timekeeping, but it can also add another element of style to your outfit. Ideally, if you can afford to, you want to go with one of the big names, like Rolex or Cartier. Don’t worry if your budget won’t stretch to one of those, though. You will still be able to impress with a budget brand, as many of them these days are great imitations of the big-name brands.



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Polish Your Shoes

There are lots of men out there who don’t take quite as good care of their shoes as what they should. At the very least, you should be giving yours a polish once a month. This should be a bit more regular in the winter as the salt on the road could weaken the leather.

Go For Timeless Styles

When you are buying something new to add to your work outfit, it’s best to go for timeless styles. These won’t go out of date quite as quickly, so you should get a few years out of them. And that means you will save money as they won’t need replacing so often!

Now you will look dashing in your next meeting.

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