Today I’m going to reveal to you the absolute truth about the Instant Funnel Lab software…

This means you’ll hear the good parts, and even the parts that others just simply won’t tell you. FULL Disclosure.

You’ll know now that at the end of the day, I am still recommending this software to you… but it will be up to you to make the decision on if you will find it worth it to buy or not.

Here’s the truth, my full disclosure of Instant Funnel Lab:

The Good

The good is that this actually does what it says: It builds you a sales funnel in 60 seconds without needing your own product. It actually includes products, graphics, WordPress themes, training and software tools…quite extensive.

It spits out sales pages, thank you pages, etc. instantly, which is actually amazing, because normally this would take 40-80 hours to do manually and another 40-80 to set up your own product…brainstorm, etc. They handle everything for you.

The Bad

The proof on the sales page is real. However what they don’t tell you is that you can’t just make a funnel with the software and expect to make $40,000 per funnel. You need TRAFFIC. They don’t tell you that, and everyone is going to push this product to you without telling you that or solving this problem for you.

So, I don’t like when vendors aren’t 100% transparent.

The Verdict

This vendor, Glynn, I have met him in person and he is a good guy. Some of his stuff in the past was sketchy, but it seems he really has tried to put together an offer here that really helps you. It normally takes me a month to get a funnel in place properly, and he is doing it for you in 60 seconds.

The only MAJOR PROBLEM with the software is it leaves you hanging for traffic. So I’m going to solve that problem for you with my bonus.

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Instant Funnel Lab Full Details:

Instant Funnel Lab spits out ready made, done for you products and done for you sales funnels. This saves you the time of having to research and create your own product, hire a copywriter, hire a graphics designer, and put together all your sales funnel pages. Everything is done for you, and you can set up unlimited numbers of these funnel-optimized money links.

Simply distribute these links in the right places to make money (see my bonus pack for details).

–Cloud based (they host everything online, works from any device with internet connection)
–100% Newbie Friendly Software That Allows You To Create Sales Funnels
–Pick a Product From The Library And Let The Software Create a Funnel Around That Product
–Complete Done For You Solution – Creates a Sales Funnel With High Quality Product In Under 1 Minute
–Software Creates The Sales Page, Mini Digital Product & Thank You/Download Page
–No Design or Coding Skills Required
–Saves You Time & Hassle Creating Your Own Products & Sales Funnels
–Products Include Ebooks, Reports, Video Training, Graphics Packs, WordPress Themes & Software Tools
–Chose Product You Want In The Funnel, Add Your Paypal or WarriorPlus/JVzoo Details & Click Publish

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As I mentioned above, there is a MAJOR problem with Instant Funnel Lab…

It’s missing traffic. So I’m going to solve that problem for you with a traffic pack designed to let you get results quick with each funnel you set up in 1 minute with the software. This will create the ultimate system for you, at no additional cost. However I’m limiting this to the first 75 action takers only who grab Instant Funnel Lab.

NOTE: These are high quality training. They are done by me personally or a trusted partner. None of them are some garbage PLR. If you follow what’s in these trainings you WILL get results, period end.

  1. Rapid Traffic Masterclass: Figure out how to get rapid traffic to your instant funnels so you can start profiting fast (while all other buyers are stumped how to get past this step).
  2. Bing Ads Mastery Training: Run cheap penny clicks on demand to your instant funnels
  3. Crazy Traffic Explosion: Another easy way to drive traffic. Quality product.
  4. Free Traffic Frenzy: You can start with this one or #1 for the fastest, easiest, free traffic. Then move to penny clicks once you have income coming in to scale faster.
  5. Ultimate Traffic Mantra: Sprinkle this on top to really push along your results.

NOTE: These are super high quality bonuses that will help product traffic rapidly for your funnels and should not be taken lightly. That’s why this is for the first 75 action takers only. 

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Personal results I have gotten with sales funnels:


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