Digital marketing doesn’t always go right. With every new step you take, you learn something new about your audience and the market, which allows you to adjust your aim. Every digital marketing strategy is a game of trial and error until it works. In other words, you shouldn’t launch a new campaign with the intention of sticking to your plan. More often than not, you’ll find that you need to modify, edit, cut, or add to reach your goal.

But, while digital marketing doesn’t always succeed at the first attempt, there are crucial worrying signs of underlying issues that you don’t want to miss. Indeed, it’s important to differentiate your marketing learning curve from digital marketing diseases.

You’ve got no visitors

Websites can grow and attract more visitors and leads as a result of your marketing activities. However, digital marketing strategies are doomed to failure if your website is not healthy in the first place. A low volume of visitors for an established site – aka not a brand new site –, can be an indication of a low ranking position in search engines, for instance. Additionally, websites that are hosted on slow servers which experience long delays or even a high volume of server errors – the infamous 500 error code – will typically appear at the end of the search results.

Search engines don’t understand you

Aside from technical issues which can affect your overall ranking, there’s a much more serious situation; namely, when search engines can’t index your site appropriately because they can’t crawl sufficient information, you might struggle to appear in search results at all. There are 4 essential pillars of SEO, as explained on this handy guideline, which relate to the way your site makes its content available and accessible to both search engines and visitors. When search engines, such as Google, can’t get a quality reading of your site, through design faults or lack of compelling content, they’re less likely to find relevant search terms.

You’ve got no social media followers

The main reason for businesses to have a social media presence is to interact with their customers. While not every brand can appeal to a broad audience, you should expect to count some of your customers and partners among your followers. What does it mean when you are not gaining new followers? Social Media Today addresses the issue in a detailed article,, which explains the importance of content management and audience communication. Remember that, ultimately, digital users need a good reason to follow your brand.   

Each click drains your PPC budget

Search engine marketing, such as PPC, is designed to help small businesses make the most of their budget. However, Google ensures that companies can earn on average $2 for every $1 spent on AdWords. So, if it’s not your case, you might be draining your budget without achieving your goals. Failure to track data accordingly and to exclude irrelevant keywords can waste up to 98% of your budget.

The bottom line is that misusing digital marketing tools can affect your business like a silent disease, spreading across your teams and eating away your resources unless everything is gone. If you don’t want poor digital marketing behaviors to be the cancer that takes your business down, you need to learn how to avoid costly mistakes.