It’s all well and good to focus on your own marketing strategy. One that involves no other business, purely dedicated to uplifting your own product and brand. Marketing in a way whereby you’re showcasing the best you have to offer, asking and answering questions of why should consumers pick you, is the normal way of doing things. Nonetheless, sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire, and go specifically after the competition. Sharpening your sword, dividing out your teams, going after particular weak spots and capitalizing on your best and most capable products and services, you can chase the opposition down. It’s a dog eat dog world, and you need to have the hunger to go toe to toe with your rivals and competitors in different sectors, fields and industries. You have to acknowledge that your customers are interested in your business because of what you provide, but also because of their interests. In a sense, everyone’s customers are up for grabs. It’s time to snatch your competitors’ customers away and make them your own.


Doing a little digging

When you produce a well sought-after type of product, you’re fishing from the same pool as your rivals. Say, for example, you make a black leather dress shoe. Consumers are going to be searching for that in the search results. Your rivals are going to be appearing alongside you, and if so, perhaps higher than you in the rankings. Therefore businesses will try to alter some of their keywords just a little so they can remain in the rankings of niche searches also. For example, this could be pertaining to the style, such as ‘Oxford black dress shoe’. If you can see that you aren’t ranking higher than your rivals, you have tools that can assist you in figuring out why this is.

Toms SEO Link Building has one of the important factors that will need to be investigated, the spying of your competitor’s backlinks. Using certain software, you can compare what keywords are working for you and what are driving more traffic to your rivals. When you have pinpointed the keywords that are attaining success for your rivals, you should adjust your own keywords to fit those keywords as well. What this does, is snatch away consumers that would have found their website and search results, and drive that traffic to your business and website instead. However, not every keyword they use is going to match your products. Nonetheless, it’s a case of slowly taking ground from them, i.e. using a part of the keyword here and there, and grinding down their traffic numbers.


Treading a thin line

A tactic that had been tried and tested to work, although a little bit annoying, is to replicate your rivals’ advertisements. With an image slideshow as your pay-per-click advertisements online, that are displayed in website banners, you can somewhat imitate what your rivals are doing. If their ad campaign looks like it is being well-received, then you can study the imagery and tone they use. See how and why it has resonated with audiences and try to emulate it.

This is not to say, you should copy them word for word, as that is pure plagiarism and you can be taken to court over it. However, your images can be of the same things, taken from a different angle, the wording can be similar but the sentence structure be different. Even the pace of the images and slides changing can be similar. The main goal is to almost fool the consumer, thinking that they are witnessing the same ad from the same company. It’s sneaky and annoying to say the least to your rival. However, as long as you don’t make it a habit and do this kind of tactic over and over, your public image won’t be ridiculed. It’s not uncommon for large corporations to do a little tit for tat retaliation every now and then. As long as you can distinguish yourself with some key points to your advertisements, such as having the product, service and your brand in bold lettering, placing your product images front and center, your pay-per-click ads will still be recognized as your own.

Dispense knowledge first

Certain changes come around in industries and sectors every now and then. Usually, this will happen every 2 years or so, where a change of direction regarding a technology, software, strategy and technique will occur. For example, SEO changes every now and then, with better ways of doing things. However, not many people understand what these changes are for, what has been made different, how best to utilize them and etc. The same is for consumers when they are experiencing something new that’s coming out across different platforms and businesses. For example, 4G internet is something that’s new and businesses will need to adapt and give the best services and products they can to consumers.

You need to be one of the first businesses to talk about what a new change of this magnitude is going to do for your respective industry and how it will affect your business to customers. This can be in the form of blog posts, promotional videos and even in-person at exhibitions and conferences where you are being interviewed. If you do this before your rivals, consumers will flock to you online. Many if not most people get their news online, and if you are writing posts and articles explaining what is new and how you plan to use it, you become a figure of authority and knowledge. Consumers are more likely to trust you than you rival as you have dispensed with knowledge on the subject before they have. You simply beat them to the draw and shoot first.

Concentrate on your own marketing strategy that will sell your vibe, your motives, the uniqueness of your business. Nonetheless, never be afraid to tackle the competition head-on, use their tactics against them, do them better and try to out-think them. Mimic their use of keywords especially, to grind down their effectiveness in search result rankings. Snatch away their customers and make them your own!




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