Twist On An Easy Method: How Mark Is Making Up To $5,619.04 In A Single Day

Mark Hess doesn't like me…so why am I recommending his new case study+ course to you?

Well, it's simple…

The method works, and it works well. And some days he makes $5,000+ in a day with it. And it's super simple, anyone can do it.

So I'm telling you because it will work for you, and you getting results is much more important than some supposed feud I have with Mark Hess.

What is it? a SIMPLE twist on affiliate marketing that does NOT require a web site OR any paid traffic…

So watch this video about his case study, how he's doing up to $5,000+ in a single day…


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Banger Method 

The Banger Method is a simple

OTO 1: Done for you Campaigns

These are done for you campaigns, basically what the main course teaches to set up but done for you. This saves you a lot of time and gets you results way quicker.

OTO 2: License Rights

You can sell The Banger Method as your own product bumped up to 100% commissions!

OTO 3: Coaching

If you want personal hand holding with Brendan Mace, this is the perfect package for you.

The Verdict:

Mark Hess doesn't like me. For no reason I can see. Supposedly we got into an argument on FB and he didn't like it. The funny thing is I think I would have remembered, but I do not. Regardless of his sentiment to me, I wanted to tell you about this course because it's a quality product that if you follow will get you results. So I care about bringing to you what works way more than any supposed feud with Mark Hess.

One problem I did find with the Banger Method was it does not really go into detail on how to really pour on the traffic into what he simply creates to bring in up to $5000+ a day.

Not to worry, I solve this problem in my bonus pack (so make sure you check out the bonus pack, because without it, this problem is not solved).

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I have added the “Fierce Five” bonus pack here, an exclusive collection of high quality courses and case studies either costing money or impossible to get anywhere else. You can get them if you're one of the first 100 people to snag the Banger Method from me, giving you a huge advantage. This solves the problem of traffic missing in the Banger Method by giving you powerful traffic methods and letting you truly unleash the Banger method to top levels fast.

  1. My award winning course Affiliate Rebirth– helps you build passive affiliate sites that make you thousands a month each with 100% free traffic, and can be applied to skyrocket banger method as well. Sales page- (yours free in this pack)
  2. Free Traffic Frenzy– an easy free traffic method to help you dominate the Banger Method and anything else you need free traffic for (yours free in this pack)
  3. $2000 in 20 Minutes with FB Case Study– see how a trusted partner was able to make $2,000 in 20 minutes using FB ads. (yours free in this pack)
  4. Solo Ad Escape- Learn how to escape solo ads for good and turn on the traffic from other top sources. They are waiting for you. (yours free in this pack)
  5. Top Software Bonuses in a Box- software you can give away as a bonus that people will really want to opt in for. Powerful to have in your arsenal. (yours free in this pack).

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