This is going to be a short post directed at helping you skyrocket your traffic this week.

I will a powerful combination that if you follow it, you can have a ton of traffic as soon as today or tomorrow.

The two-step method:

1. CONTENT! Content is king. This is the number one driver of traffic on the internet. People love content, and it makes you “legit”. the more content you have, the more people you reach, the more audiences are attracted to you, and the more traffic you get. It’s that simple. There are many ways to get content, one way being writing articles, making videos, etc.

You can find viral content at and then write about that type of stuff, create videos, podcasts, etc. about it as well.

The problem is creating content takes forever.

That’s why if you could have a software that aggregated trending content for you in a legal and ethical way, you could get a massive traffic boost, like these guys did using Traffic Studio.

If you didn’t see my full review including case study proof, see the full review here.

2. Traffic boost. Content alone will get you some traffic with time, but you need an initial boost. By far the best traffic source for fast, rapid traffic is Pinterest. You simply get an account, follow people in your niche, post your content into group boards and to your profile. Traffic will start coming. However sitting there pinning stuff all day is tedious…

That’s why if you had a software pinning for you on autopilot, you could start skyrocketing your traffic very fast.

You can use Traffic Trapper to start getting rapid traffic to your site, it’s a simple WordPress plugin that will get you Pinterest traffic after a short setup time of a few minutes.

If you didn’t see my full review including case study proof, see the full review here.

These are some of my results combining content and Pinterest traffic this year, so you know that these softwares help you automate a killer combination that can get you a ton of traffic:

Seasoned Web Site Using this Method:


New Site I’m Growing Using this Method:


So in short, you can use this two-fold combination of traffic software to skyrocket your results on pretty much autopilot.

Part 1. Use Traffic Studio to get your trending content going and get your initial surge of traffic

(Check out the full review of Traffic Studio here)

Part 2. Use Traffic Trapper to skyrocket traffic to your profit optimized web site.

(Check out the full review of Traffic Trapper here)

Hope you found this helpful!



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