If there is one thing that all businesses need to be concerned with today it is SEO. It does not matter whether you run an online retail store, a financial services firm, or a construction business, you need to master search engine optimization in order to stand out from the competition. With that being said, read on to discover some of the unique SEO tips you can follow to ensure you maintain a dominant online presence in your sector.

Show your personality – You have probably been told that you need to remain professional at all times. While this is true, you can show your personality as well. Branding is a critical part of SEO, and people remember brands that are humorous or show off the unique traits of their character.

Do not optimize your content for search engines – This may seem like an odd suggestion. After all, isn’t this exactly what you should be optimizing your content for? Not anymore! Gone are the days whereby writing for search engine bots was the best approach. Nowadays, you need to write for the consumer. Websites are ranked based on how relevant they are and how much value they provide. If you write for search engine bots, you will probably find yourself falling down the search engine result pages.

Take inspiration from Star Wars – Read this article on Star Wars SEO lessons, and you will see where the connection lies. There are, in fact, many SEO lessons you can learn from Star Wars. This includes the fact that there is a light and a dark side, and you need to refrain from the latter. Other lessons you can learn include the annoyance of repetition (thanks Jar-Jar Binks), and complication helps no one, much like the title scrawl of Episode I.

Go local even if your business is not local – Last but not least, local SEO has many benefits, and it is not just suitable for local businesses. If you have a business that offers products or services around the country, and even around the world, you can use local SEO to target certain demographics and get ahead of the competition in key areas.

Get over the quantity obsession – Last but not least, quantity does not matter. It is all about quality. You can have ten articles, which have simply been rehashed based on information that is already out there, but they will never stand against one amazing article. In the current day and age, quality triumphs over quantity every time, from the content produced to the links incorporated.

So there you have it: some unique SEO strategies that you can follow to take your campaign to the next level. Who knew that Star Wars could help you enhance your online marketing efforts?

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