A lot of companies understand the power of video marketing, but are reluctant to use it, as they perceive the costs or complexity to be too high.  However, today, you can shoot your own videos that look professional enough, without needing to hire a crew, or invest in expensive equipment.

The power of video marketing speaks for itself.  

We all know the attention span of online customers seems to be getting shorter and shorter.  Today, consumers want to consume information in the easiest and most efficient format that doesn’t take too much of their energy or time.

For instance, would you prefer to read a twenty paragraph block of text; or have this delivered to you in a much more passive format (i.e. sit and watch) in half the time it would take to read the text?

Whether this is customer support, product descriptions, or sales structures – video seems to be the most convenient and engaging way to communicate with the modern customer, and many customers are now expecting you to be using video rather than long chunks of text.

Whilst it could be argued that consumers are getting lazier and lazier, the other argument is that we are all bombarded with so much content it makes sense to deliver this in the most efficient and palatable format in order to engage people enough to absorb your message.

Indeed, if there were the option of watching a film in black and white or colour – most people would opt for colour, as it is a much more rich and engaging experience.  In this metaphor, text and images would be black and white whilst video would be colour.

If you want to engage visitors with video, then, of course, it would be of benefit to work with a specialist firm such as PowerTraffick, but if you’re on a budget and just dipping your toes into the world of video marketing – here’s some reassuring tips on how to embrace video marketing on a budget.

Here are the three core aspects you’ll need to consider:


The majority of video designed for the web can be shot on a decent smartphone.  Most smartphones have the capability to shoot in 4K, though, in reality, you don’t need to be shooting to this standard.  You could shoot clips in 1080px (HD) and that would be fine.

Indeed, most phones make it much simpler to shoot video than expensive camera – for instance, an iPhone often has much more reliable autofocus than more expensive cameras such as Panasonic’s GH5.

  1.  LIGHTS

Often, the thing that sets good videos and poor videos apart is the lighting.  There are a number of cheap video lighting hacks available; there’s no need to spend tons of money – with a little inventiveness and creativity you can light your videos to a professional standard without professional equipment.

  1.  SOUND

Poor sound is the one thing that will cripple the professionalism of your video.  Therefore, it’s worth investing in a decent lapel microphone that will capture what you’re saying in crisp clear quality.  That said, you don’t need to spend thousands. Rode produce lapel mics suited for mobile phones that capture high quality audio.



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