There are a million and one things that you need to think about when you’re running a company. You need to ensure that your cash-flow is looking healthy, that your staff are happy and productive, and that you’ve got things in the pipeline so that future profits look healthy. These are all obvious concerns, which means you’ve probably thought long enough about them to keep them in shape. But there are other hugely important aspects to think about too, which, try as you might, you may not know as much about as you should. Marketing is one of these things. Below, we take a look at five things you might not yet know about marketing…but you will soon.

There’s No One Size Fits All Approach

It would be convenient if you could think up a marketing strategy, get it out there, and wait for the customers to start rolling in. Alas, it’s not that simple. The reason being that there is no “one size fits all” approach to your marketing. If you’re going to promote your company, then you need to know who you’re speaking to. Figuring out your target demographic is hugely important. Without it, you’ll probably find that you’re aiming it at no-one at all.

You Can’t Do Everything

Marketing is complex, and you’d need to spend many hours reading up on the best practices in order to get everything right. Though even that might not help for long: the rules are always changing. As such, you’ll be asking too much from yourself if you think you’ll be able to do everything on your own. As such, it’s nearly always recommended that you outsource some of your marketing needs to a third-party company. The best marketing agencies will be able to deliver bespoke solutions for your unique needs, in a way that you can’t. Don’t struggle through trying to figure out everything by yourself when you don’t need to.

You Can Reuse Content

You’ve probably spent some time coming up with web content that engages potential customers. But here’s a secret about that content: it can live on and on and on. It doesn’t have to just exist as, say, a blog post; once it’s starting to lose some traction, you can repackage that content as an infographic or video, and give it a new lease of life, in the process bringing on board new customers.

Your Website Is King

Some people put nearly all of their time – marketing wise – into developing their social media channels. Now, don’t get us wrong, websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are important, but they should play a secondary role, with your website in the first position. Make sure you’re just using the social media sites as a way to drive people to your website!

It’s Not All Online

Finally, remember that not everything marketing related has to take place online, even if you’re an online company. Free stickers, pop-up stalls, and the like can all be sued to spread the word too.



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