Hi there, and first off, I have to say, wow! It’s been quite some time since my last blog post.

Truthfully, I’ve been absolutely swamped! I’ve been doing so many different things.

I won’t bore you with the details, but rather tell you about how my online ventures are going. Then give you my personal words of wisdom at the end of the post after I tell you what I’ve been working on.

Here’s a quick snapshot at what I’ve been up to the past few months…


Product Creation and Launching

At this point, I’ve launched eight digital information products online and sold thousands of copies across all products, with my latest product in which I launched alongside my business partner, won the title of WSO (Warrior Special Offer) of the day, as well as delivered one hell of a quality course into the hands of true action takers!

Some products were done as joint ventures with other marketers, which is always fun, especially learning from other marketers and sharing/masterminding ideas as colleagues.

I absolutely LOVE launching! It’s fun, it gets your information into the hands of thousands of people so they can take action with a working method, and best of all, it makes you money. Making money while having fun; what a concept!


Affiliate Product Promos/Recommendations

When you launch an information product, if you follow basic internet marketing principle, you know that “no list = no business”. So, when you sell something, it makes sense to retain all these customers because now you can communicate with them, build a relationship with them, part of which involves recommending quality products on subjects you already know they are interested in, and will help them with their problems in that subject. Again, by helping people, you have the opportunity to make a ton of money. So I’ve been following up with my list, recommending products, and having fun writing emails as well.

Part of communicating with your list should be showing them your blog posts- show them what you’re up to, what you’re about, and lots of helpful information along the way. I’ve set a goal to try to post to my blog at least twice a week from here on in- let’s see if I can hold it up!


List Building 

Outside of the list of customers I mentioned above, I have built lists of people who haven’t bought my products, mainly using solo ads as a traffic course. There’s a ton of different ways to set this up- you can use CPA inside your list building funnel, click banking partners, Google Adsense, PPL offers, and much more. These days I’m doing mostly click banking, Adsense as well as trying out different CPA offers.

I’ve built my list into the thousands and continue to grow it, testing different methods, some of which result in you actually being in profit building the list with paid traffic. Part of this involves selling funnel clicks with the traffic you just bought as well as finding high earnings per click CPA offers.


Solo Ads Business

As a business owner, I need to treat my business as such, and not try to micro-manage everything. So, I’ve hired a virtual assistant to help me grow the list I mentioned above. I’ve started to sell low quantity solo ad packages, and you’ll actually see my solo ads page on the menu above this blog post. This is another income stream which will be on autopilot, run by my virtual assistant, which will grow with time. Automation is key.



So as you can see, I’ve been busy! I’ve also decided to “up my game” and explore additional income streams. Here’s a taste of some projects that are currently “under construction”, that I have big plans for in the months to come.


Web Show- “Real Marketing Talk” 

My partner and I are going to be launching a web show which will feature leading marketers in their respective niches with a “real” angle in a fun, explosive interview with myself and my co-host! It will expose the marketer for their personality, and being themselves, sometimes people forget that the authorities that they see as these big forces online are living, breathing human beings too. We will cover both marketing and personality so that the audience can connect with the marketer and still learn a ton- in a fun manner!


Domain Flipping

This is one of a few projects I’m slowly pursuing outside the MMO/IM niches online. It’s still in its early stages, but can prove to be extremely fun and profitable in a few months. I’ll report back with more information down the road on this.



This is barely even a thing yet- but another autopilot income stream I’m exploring. The goal is hire a virtual assistant to run this entire thing for me. More to report back down the road!


Anyways, over the last few months, there has been so much stuff I’ve learned to help take my business to the next level. One of the most important things I’ve learned, is relationship building. Here’s my take.


The Importance of Building Business Relationships

How many times have you heard, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know?” I’ve heard it a ton of times. The business of internet marketing is no different. Make friends with everyone, and I sincerely mean make friends. Focus on growing relationships with like minded individuals and the rest will work itself out. When people like you, and you like them, the thought of “business associate” or “talking to someone is a chore” goes out the window and it allows people to see you for you.

Imagine you’re a new product creator and the first thing you do is approach an affiliate saying “hey bro, promote this!” nothing is a bigger turnoff. Now here’s a different approach. Reach out and say hi. Talk to them normally for a couple weeks. Soon you’ll probably see they are a cool person, and it’s a fun ordeal to get in contact with them. Soon you guys are joking with each other every day. Now in a few weeks you tell this new friend about your launch. He’s happy to help his friend succeed. You made a friend and made a powerful business associate. Win-Win.

I value all of the relationships I’ve made online with other marketers and can’t wait to hit a ton of the marketing conventions this year and in 2016 to meet some of these awesome people. And I hope to see you there too. Make sure you introduce yourself as an avid reader of my blog, so I can shake your hand 😀


That’s it for now, a quick update and word of wisdom. Expect another blog post soon, I promise!





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