We’re going to go ahead and assume you know your stuff when it comes to business. The chances are that you already have some idea of how important website design is for any organisation. It doesn’t take a genius to work that out. After all, many companies now see their chief sales online. E-commerce providers are able to host whole companies with nothing but a web page. That’s why you’ve put so much effort into your online presence in recent years.

But, the tech times are forever changing, and being online isn’t enough anymore. You also need to ensure that your website looks good on mobile. In keeping with the rise of smartphones, 1.6 billion people globally now use their mobiles to shop. This is fantastic news, as it means you could make sales no matter where your customers are on what they’re doing. The possibilities are endless.

At least, they would be if customers could get along with your site on mobile. But, things aren’t quite working out that way. Instead of pulling in the profits, mobile customers click off before on your home page. It’s terrible news, but it’s often easy enough to fix. To help you, we’re going to look at the three main reasons customers may hate your mobile page.

Your pictures take up the whole screen

Nothing’s worse than a mobile site which is all out of whack because of pictures. The images we put on our pages are often large files. These compress when they appear on a computer, but the same won’t happen for mobile users. Hence why they can’t see your information around those images. Of course, altering file size will also impact the way your page looks on a computer. To get around this, then, consider how you can create a mobile responsive design. You can do this either using HTML, or by trusting a company like Skyhound Internet with the task of designing your webpage. By getting this right, you can ensure your images adjust depending on the devices used to view them.


They need a magnifying glass to see your text

Small text may not be an issue on a computer screen, but it’s a nightmare on mobile. If your font is miniscule, how do you think it’s going to look when your page shrinks for the sake of a small screen? Customers will click off if they can’t see your page info without zooming in 10x. Make sure that your text is at least 12pt so that everyone who enters can read it without worry.

They’re scrolling all over the shop

Along the same vein, customers won’t stick around if they have to scroll all over every page to read it. In some ways, a responsive design will help you tackle this too by shrinking your info down to size. It’s also worth being as concise with information as you can. If a mobile viewer can’t see everything without scrolling, they’ll fast lose patience for a better-designed site.




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